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Does anyone else shut down when they get overwhelmed? watch

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    I have anxiety and ADD to start with, and those combined with the stress of studying for IB exams I've just shut down completely. I can't focus, I can't work. I just want to go into a corner in a dark room and cry, and I feel like I'm always on the verge of having a panic attack. I can't study because I'm too stressed, but because I'm not studying I get more stressed; it's a vicious cycle.

    Does any one else feel this way? How can I stop these feelings?

    YUP! I have the biggest shut downs, I remember when I had this chunk of work to hand in after February half term and me being stupid didn't get it done on time, the anxiety hit me terribly and I just hid under my covers for a good 6 hours and didn't go to school and just cried...

    You just have to find ways to limit the stress tbh, personally if I start work earlier in the day I feel like I have more hours to get all my revision done so that calms me down. Try and get more work done, that limits stress. When you feel like you're on the verge of a shut down, ask yourself if it will actually help? You could lay in bed and pretend you're dead or you could get up and make a little progress on the stuff that is upsetting you.

    What I've learned is when you have a shut down your situation doesn't change, the stress is still there even after your shutdown, so you have to try and make some progress on it! I hope this helped

    Yup me too. If I don't start studying early enough, I completely shut down out of hopelessness. You just have to find a way to believe in yourself, through the power of will.

    Try listening to some empowering music (like epic music, search it up on google). It'll help giving you a boost of powerful positive emotions to start studying.

    I do. I shut down really bad, particularly because I lose breath, quite literally.
    I have a "reflex" since i was a baby, if I cry (proper cry, not just shedding a tear) I go to sleep in minutes, whether I want to or not. Also the noise around me dims, so I can barely hear anything else other than my breath

    Last year because of the problems I faced (family, financial and health wise) I didn't know what to do, I just fell in the middle of my dorm and for two days nobody knew anything about me. I shut down completely.

    Then I realised that I wanted to do something with my life, not just waste it in such a self-inflicted and agonising manner. Whenever I had that feeling from there on, I would get out of the house, face people. I hate crying or "making a scene" in front of people, so I just blend with the crowd. Go somewhere, get a treat (a chocolate bar) enjoy it, walk fast or jog a bit. I would usually go to the library, if I also needed to be productive, and be surrounded by people that I knew and liked (like the friendly security guard to whom I'd bring cookies for his night shift ^_^ and he'd make sure I didn't fall asleep in the library if it was to close soon).

    It doesn't help being in a comfort zone when you feel like that. You have to push yourself out of it. Otherwise you'll self-coddle yourself and allow these things to happen recurrently, that's when it becomes a vicious circle.
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    Take a break go for a walk and think about small easy ways you cna restart revision. Ten minute chunks and build up. Its not good if you shut down, but its not going to do you any good, so make a pact with yourself just to try your best rather than worrying about results. Worry after the exams if you really need to, before you need all the time to focus on doing well.
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