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    No one knows where she goes. One minute she’s there, the next….Nothing. She’s always somewhere far away. There’s nothing wrong with it, she welcomes it.People say she’s detached from reality, but that’s just how she likes it.

    Leaning against the window, copper hair fell messily across the curve of her neck,framing each side in a static embrace. That was always the problem with shorter hair; it couldn’t be restrained into submission. Her green eyes were often vacant as she stared off into the distance. It certainly wasn’t uncommon to be told she was ‘away with the faeries.’ It was quite ironic when her name,Vondila, meant ‘lost child.’ Maybe that’s why she always looked for another reality, she wasn’t truly home.

    Being jolted from her daze she looked around the dreary, gloom filled bus as it came to a stop. Getting up she grasped the bulky sketchbook tightly and left withthe rest of the class. All of them herded out, one by one, into a clearing.

    The air was clear and crisp, the sun just barely catching through the breaks in the clouds, heavy with rain, threatening to loosen their load on the suspicious students. As the teacher talked, Vondila looked between the trees, the light weaving between branches, and leaves shuddered with every weak breath that ran through them. Occasionally she spotted a fleeting glimpse of something. It was almost too fast to see. Snapping back once more when her name was called, she felt her face heat up as the giggling began. After proving that she was listening, the class was dismissed to begin.

    Entering the woods Vondila began to search even though she doubted that it was anything exciting. Probably an unusually large insect. Going deeper into the woods she caught more and more glimpses of it. Continuing on she started to feel as if she was being led, eventually reaching the end of the forest and at the cliff’s edge. The bright open sea greatly contrasting the dark confines of the closely-knit trees and foliage.

    Deciding she was far enough from the group she sat down and began to sketch. Cautiously a creature emerged from beyond the pages of the sketchbook. It had a small round face but its body was long and spindly, like a praying mantis with a child’s face. Watching the creature Vondila smiled gently and greeted it. The faerie like creature flew up so it was at eye level and took a moment to look at her. Gesturing for her to follow it flew away to the border of the forest. Transfixed she dropped her sketchbook and bag to the side, and followed.

    The next few hours flew by quickly, no one had seen Vondila since the beginning of the trip. When they searched for her they found her things by the edge of the cliff…

    Most people always did describe her as ‘away with the faeries’.

    *This is my entry for the English Festival Short Story Competition. Hopefully it's not too late. This is exactly 488 words.*
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    If you liked this, then please vote for my story at this link. I would greatly appreciate it.
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Updated: April 26, 2016


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