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    I came up some weeks ago with an article where I list what I've learned regarding anxiety management during college life. More generally, during the whole career as a student.

    Here they are:

    1) Keep a diary It is vital to understand the real beginnings of your anxiety.

    This system is particularly useful for people who always suffer under pressure, and do not know why. By writing a diary, you will learn new things about yourself. Day by day, you have to write in the diary your level of anxiety. For example quiet, a bit worried, nervous, about to burst. Write what you do and what you think in a synthetic way.

    2) Practice relaxation.

    Learn a relaxation technique and apply it every day. Do not be discouraged if initially it seems hard to relax or if you feel tenser than before! If you persevere, you will notice a significant decrease in your level of anxiety. Soon relaxation will become for you a pleasant habit, and you will discover that, since mind and body are intimately linked, physical relaxation leads to mental relaxation.

    3) Do physical activity Every day, practice 30 minutes of exercise.

    However, be careful not to add stress to stress, because you have to choose something that you enjoy! Even a walk of 30 minutes can be an excellent way to release tension.

    4) Eat properly.

    Attention to nutrition! Sometimes anxiety can be heightened by a food intolerance or by abuse of drugs or stimulants. Anxious people should avoid tea, coffee, cola, and nicotine. Additionally, chemicals and additives can cause allergies and then anxiety problems. Have a healthy lifestyle!

    5) Cultivate friendships!

    Being with people who appreciate you is a good antidote to the tendency towards self-criticism, typical of anxious personality.

    6) Do not “criticize me” more!

    Attention to self-criticism! The anxious person should pay attention to their thoughts to eliminate anxiety. Indeed, upset people criticize all the time. Learn to speak kindly, if for instance you repeat very often “you are doing everything wrong”, replace the negative with a positive statement such as “I also did positive things”. This will also increase your self-esteem.

    7) Do things that you enjoy!

    Even if you have a day full of commitments find the time to do something you love, and that relaxes you. I strongly suggest you to do something that you enjoy especially in days full of commitments. The activities that you can enjoy are very different! More generally, they could be listening to music, painting, doing a puzzle or anything you love.

    I hope these tips could help.

    Source of the article: http://mind-globe.com/beat-anxiety-students
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