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Petitioning UNIVERSITIES: Suspend Social Justice Courses watch

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    Many of you might not have come across me but I have been lurking and posting on here after leaving university a couple of years ago. Since then I wanted to get across the things I've learned after being on this forum, which has become a question I want to ask to you, the students who have left university or are still there and have become disillusioned with the whole social justice movement on or around your campus.

    We are allowing our universities to become infested with social justice advocates who teach pseudo-intellectual courses such as women's studies, gender studies etc and are indoctrinating our young people into believing that men are oppressors of women just by the fact the have a penis or that they have been a oppressed because they have a vagina. Equally worrying to the social cohesion of our society is that they are being taught that white people automatically have white privilege (no matter of their background) and are oppressing non-white people even though slavery is long since made illegal and that non-white people have no hope because all western institutions have an evil white supremacy policy that is keeping them out of employment. I could go on but I want to ask you this; when you have children do you want them to go to a college or university that teaches your daughter to hate men and that there is an evil patriarchy oppressing them and to think that white people are naturally racists or that free speech should be curtailed so that no-ones feelings can be hurt?

    I have been following a youtuber who makes videos about these types of things and who has set up a petition to suspend the social justice courses at universities so they can be looked at, changed to become intellectually honest. If you would please sign the petition here (26,000 as of now):


    and maybe we can put pressure on our universities to look at this courses and the pseudo science it has become. I know there is a lot of you who feel the same as me on this matter. Please sign it and pass it on to everyone you think will be interested.

    The only things that should be taught in our universities are proven fact based subjects with sincerely backed up evidence based statistics and reasoning. Our universities should be a beacon of free speech and intellectual discourse which sadly they are no longer are. Further videos by him which show actual 'professors' I am talking about can be found here:


    he explains it better here:


    This is me signing out, I am too old for this student forum now but I trust you people will carry on standing up for free speech, fact based reasoning and all that good stuff. Good luck!

    All hail Sargon of Akkad... he's brilliant. I've watched his videos for a couple years now.

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