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I've been studying horticulture for a year now, I love doing all the plant naming, physiology and propagation activities, that we have done this year. But the following year focuses mainly on landscaping and design, which I do appreciate, I just don't enjoy doing all that stuff.

A degree in plant science would help me on my journey much more than all this landscaping malarkey, but to do that I would have to have at least 2 A Levels in Science.

for what it's worth should I finish the horticulture course this year with half a diploma and the do two a levels in science (biology and probably chemistry)?


do all the landscaping malarkey and just do an a level in biology?
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Hi there, I would recommend looking at Life Sciences foundation degrees such as the course offered at Aberystwyth University. I know many Plant Biology students from a similar horticultural background (and also without the science Alevels to which you refer) who did the Life Sciences course and then Plant Bio BSc and they've all been very successful!

More generally regarding Plant Biology BSc degrees, I'm now only a few months from graduating from Aberystwyth University with a degree in Plant Biology and I have loved every second! It's a fantastic degree for graduate opportunities - I myself have a PhD offer for next year despite not having a masters.

I also recommend checking out Aberystwyth specifically for both Life Sciences and Plant Biology as I cannot recommend the university highly enough!

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