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Are the bankers to blame for all the problems in the world? watch

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    In 2008 the irresponsible and greedy behaviour of the capitalist bankers caused the worst economic depression in history. They continued to get richer while the credit crunch they created put the world into melt down.
    Here are some effects of the capitalist bankers recession (CBR):

    Al Quaeda inspired Arab spring
    Collapse of the world economy resulted in much poverty, unemployment in Middle East, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria were affected. Extremist leaders took advantage of this and encouraged the youths to rise up and overthrow their leaders who they wrongly blamed for causing the recession. The recession was the fault of the CBR, not people like Gaddafi or Assad.
    The resultant power vacuum would consume these countries in chaos, and open a Pandora's box that would result in years of war and victory for ISIS.
    That would lead to:

    Refugee crisis.
    War and chaos in countries affected by the Arab spring would result in a mass exodus of refugees. They would head to the EU. This would anger British people who would demand we leave the EU because of all the refugees who may come to the UK. If we leave the EU we may face:

    Potential of massive UK recession as result of possible Brexit.
    Leaving the EU was never a smart thing to do in the worse economic depression in history yes the CBR is still going on 8 years later. Economic uncertainty plunges the UK into a deep double dip recession. Massive cuts are made to the NHS and welfare state. Homelessness rises to levels never seen before.
    Poverty added to the austerity of 8 years of austerity pushes people to the end of their tether.

    The dismantling of welfare state and deaths due to benefit reforms.
    The CBR of 2008 resulted in a victorious tory party who formed a coalition with the lib dems who would launch ideological welfare cuts. This was because of the cruel and inhumane regime of welfare cuts and sanctions that punished the poorest in society for the mistakes of the rich.
    Benefit sanctions would lead people to starvation and death for petty mistakes such as been late to a job centre appointment. People faced 100% of the benefit being removed for 3 months to 3 years which can't even be overturned on compliance.

    The disabled would be required to do degrading work ability assessments of which examiners were given incentives to declare as many people fit to work as possible and trick them out of their benefit even thought their GP and other professionals said they weren't fit to work.
    They would then be forced onto Jobseeker's Allowance and sanctioned for erm Not being fit or able to work!
    That would make many weak vulnerable people homeless and push many over the edge.

    Tuition fees became unaffordable.

    The CBR resulted in government not being able to afford to subsidise tuition fees. As a result the students were punished for the mistakes of the rich bankers and had our fees skyrocketed to over 9k a year considering at one time university tuition was free.

    We have to do without more things.
    The CBR has robbed us of many things we enjoy such as museums etc. we have lost many public services.

    So while the world endures endless misery many of those who caused the CBR have got away with it. Should they be punished?

    There mearly puppets of rome and zionism

    cant be saying this when most ppl on TSR wanna become investment bankers

    All the world suffers from the usury of the Jews, their monopolies and deceit. They have brought many unfortunate people into a state of poverty, especially the farmers, working class people and the very poor. Then as now Jews have to be reminded intermittently anew that they were enjoying rights in any country since they left Palestine and the Arabian desert, and subsequently their ethical and moral doctrines as well as their deeds rightly deserve to be exposed to criticism in whatever country they happen to live. - Pope Clement VIII

    That was from the end of the 15th century..

    Here's a good video about the secrets of Jewish money control

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