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    Basically I just found out that my best friend had told someone a serious secret of mine. My mum is a recovering alcoholic, I was finding it hard at the time so I talked about it with my best friend who I trusted, Everything was going fine and she hadn't told anyone like I asked her to so I was happy, then at Christmas there I was on a skype call with my best friend and another girl who were going to call Ally. We were talking for ages until my connection was getting really bad so I decided to end the call. When I left my best friend, who were going to call Aimee, told Ally about my mum and told her a story I had told Aimee a while before which was basically a story of my mum being drunk in public. I only found this out a few days ago and I was so upset when I found out what she had said, she was denying she said it but she was the only person I ever told so how would other people know to say that about my mum? Please help me because I really don't want it to be true but it is and I'm going to loose my friend who has been my friend for 6 years...

    If she was really your friend she would have stuck to her word and not told anyone. But people make mistakes all the time and sometimes words can slip out of people's mouths casually, without any thought when having conversations, though it isn't always the case, it's up to you to decide if she should be forgiven.
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    The thing is she says **** about other people too, and she's saying to me she will never forgive herself and all but I don't know wether or not to believe her

    Nope nope, she's not a true friend. That is a really serious thing for you to tell her and for her to tell other people shows that she doesn't care that much about your trust and privacy. The fact that she says things about other people too shows she's looking for gossip, and the fact that she's denying it shows that she feels guilty. Find a new friend, this one isn't worth it.
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Updated: April 24, 2016
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