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    Me and my girlfriend have been dating for 2 and a half years.

    I'm 23 and she's 20. Recently I've been feeling like I'm now 'set' for life and will be with her for my remaining years.

    I'm not sure what to think about this feeling, part of me wants to explore the world and different cities - move around and.. to be blunt, be single and have nothing holding me back (I don't mean this disrespectfully).

    We live together and have done for the last year, I'm really close to her family and she's loved by mine. We're in a routine similar to an old couple, work, dinner, tv and bed. I feel at the age of 24 I should be exploring the world further and discover who I truly am. It's hard to explain.

    I love her, she's everything you'd want in the ideal woman and our relationship is perfect, there's just something missing and it's bothering me.

    I don't know what this 'something' is and I'm not sure what to do about it. I can't end a healthy relationship over 'something', it wouldn't be right. Although will I have regrets about the uneventful life I'm currently living in years to come?

    What do you guys think?

    If you want to be single and you feel like she's holding you back, then that's not a good sign. If you feel as though she's stopping you from discovering who you really are then maybe it's best to end it and let you 'find yourself'? If you stay when you're not happy you'll be resentful towards her in the future. And it's not fair on her for you to stay when you have this feeling, when she could be with someone who loves her completely and wants to spend their life with her.

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    You need to talk to her and work on making each other the best you can be. If you still feel unsettled, then you arent ready. it could be grass greener syndrome, but tbh imo its still early days to be settling down, especially when you dont seem to know who you are.

    You mentioned that you love her, then maybe you need to give yourself more time if you feel like something is missing as it may take longer than 2 and a half years . Maybe you're just uncertain and need to discuss how you feel and what you want such as travelling and exploring towards your girlfriend (if you haven't already discussed it with her). I'm sure she will be understanding from the description given. To find yourself or that something missing doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your relationship for, what about including her in your travels and ambitions that you have (even though it may not be the same as doing this on your own). You don't have to feel like a relationship has to hold you back from discovering yourself, You can try to have both things or maybe you just may need a break and go travelling or find the thing that's missing as well as being in a relationship (a worthy relationship as you mentioned). Not sure if this is helpful. I wish you the best and good luck!
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Updated: April 24, 2016
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