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International relations

Anyone here going to start the undergrad course or know of anyone starting this october?
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I'm starting the MA in History of International Relations... close enough?!
Carr Saunders Halls, LSE
London School of Economics
I'm going to be doing BSc International Relations this coming October. You too?
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yeh me as well. I was a bit wary because I saw on the new LSE prospectus that they admitted less people this october- only going to be 47 of us! I thought I was going to be the only person on the course speaking english! (not that i discriminate, but i hear LSE is quite 'cliquey' with people grouping with others who are from the same background)
Anyway which halls did u apply for?
47? Good stuff! Well, you can rest assured in the knowledge that I can speak English and have done so for a good 17 or so years, my first word being "duck" (the beginning of a life devoted to wildfowl!)

I applied for Passfield and Carr Saunders.
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I'm also starting the BSc International Relations this october, and although i'm not britsh, dont worry, i do speak english!
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lol where are you from? I come from London anway
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I come from Perú, southamerica. I went to a british school here. So what about living in London? I've been there but only for a couple of days...
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I don't know what to say really because when you live somewhere it's not as exciting than to a person who's new to that place. But for you I could imagine it to be quite amazing. There's so many opportunities and places to go other than the main attractions, for 3 years there will be plenty to do during the day other than your work! The nightlife is incredible, there's lots of bars and clubs amongst other things, which i'm sure you've heard about.
If you've got any specific questions though you can ask me! What did you think of London whn you came?
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Thank you for your advice! I am really looking forward to this experience, and I hope it will end up being as great as I imagine it today. I loved London when I went there. It's vitality, and as you say, all the new things to discover...including the nightlife, which I couldn't experience while I was there. The only thing that worries me is that I know it will be difficult to get used to a totally new way of life...problem which I guess you won't have!
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is anyone reading this already doing the IR now?
Hey Mariana

Where abouts in Peru are you from? I live Engladn and am off to LSE next year as an Undergraduate.I went travelling in South America. Did Machu Picchu, Arequipa Lake Titikaka, Puno etc.
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I come from Lima, the capital city. So did you enjoy the trip? I've never been to Arequipa, but I've been several times to Macchu Picchu, and find it absolutely amazing. What course are starting at lse?
Im starting Accouting & Finance....looking forward to it. What about you? Machu Picchu was amazing. And Arequipa was pretty nice place.
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I'm starting International Relations. On Monday I am leaving with some friends to the north of Perú, and also Ecuador. Where u there?