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I dunno about other unis, but our course at York had a module called 'Cognitive Neuroscience' and the other modules include stuff about the brain (e.g. this term in Psychopathology, the biology behind Alzheimers, Parkinsons and schiziphrenia).

You could always do a Masters in it if you decided you liked it, but it's really up to you...
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I'm very interested in psychology and neuroscience, but the reputation of Westminster University worries me a little.

Does anyone here study at Goldsmiths? How much of the course has biological content i.e. are you taught in depth about the physiology of the brain and the CNS?

If you're willing to move away from London to go to university, you might want to consider Keele. You could do dual honours Psychology and Neuroscience (or dual honours Psychology and Biology, if you wanted to take a broader approach). The Psychology course is fully accredited by the BPS.
As the person above me said if you were willing to go somewhere other than London, other universities offer similar courses.

The University of Leicester for example offers Psychology with Neuroscience BSc degree which is accredited by the BPS.
If league tables mean anything to you aswell Leicester is 18th overall.

Psychology with neuroscience has always been something thats interested me, although I only applied for straight psychology as I wanted to experience as much as I can throughout my degree, and I then plan to specialise afterwards.

Ultimatly it probably depends what kind of career you want, and whether or not you plan to do a masters or another form of post grad study.
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Thank you for your advice to try further afield, but I'm planning to stay in London.
How easy is it to convert onto a Neuroscience postgraduate course with a Psychology degree? Sorry if it's a stupid question, but i'm torn between doing psychology and doing neuroscience, but I really want to go to Surrey University and I don't think that offers a combined course...
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Here's some info that may be of use to you:

Choosing postgraduate course in Neuroscience
In recognition of this demand, new MSc Neuroscience degrees seem to start every year. These degrees specialize in different fields, have different entry requirements and different aims so that a student should look widely and talk to the different tutors of the degrees of potential interest before deciding on which is the right degree to take.

Choosing the correct degree largely depends on your final aims. Some MScs (eg Kings College London) have no prerequisite except a first degree in a loosely appropriate subject. These MScs cater to relatively large groups of students with a variety of aims. Some students are trying to upgrade weak first degrees, while others are transferring into Neuroscience from other fields. Others, such as the MSc Neuroscience at UCL or Oxford, are more intellectually demanding and a 2(i) degree or better is an essential requirement.

In general these courses restrict their numbers to around 20, are specifically designed around research and nearly all the students go on to funded PhD places afterwards.
In addition to MScs in cellular and molecular neuroscience there are MScs which specialize in more clinical research such as the MSc in Clinical Neuroscience at the Institute of Neurology, UCL.

A wide range of cognitive or psychology MScs are also available. This year for the first time a two year MSc in Brain Mind Science has begun which allows the students to take sections of a wide range of Neuroscience related MScs with one year based in London and one in Paris.
Nottingham Uni offers a psychology & cognitive neuroscience course! notts uni has a good reputation, so if youre willing to apply outside london then notts should be one of your uni options. :smile:

Oh yeah, and how can people forget of Manchester uni!!! they also offer that combined course (you can have 1 year placement as well). :smile:

You see I was interested in doing this course but have decided to apply for biomedical sciences instead, as i dont see very good job prospects after graduating this kind of degree. Oh well, if this course reaaaaaally interests you then go for it!:biggrin: