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My twin sister is going to choose the same course as me!! watch

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    So my sister [Ashley] all of a sudden wants to do the exact same course as me and also wants apply to the same unis WHICH IS SOOOO BLOODY ANNOYING

    Over the years, we've been compared hundreds of times & I'm soo tired of that !!
    I want to go a uni where NOBODY knows that I'm a twin and that I could have my own identity!

    Growing up, everyone in my family pretty much knew that I'd ended up being a vet cos of how much I love being around with animals.
    While my sister on the otherhand was never interested in animals, so that was one thing I knew which separated us apart!!

    I'm the quiet one, & nobody notices me when she's around while she's the LOUD one & is always in the spotlight. I'm always called Ashley's twin sister!!

    So last night, my sis just out of the blue said that cos she doesn't know what sort of degree she's interested in and to make things easy for her she'll just do what'll do.

    I got really mad at her & explained to her nicely at first why she can't do that which turned out into a huge argument!

    Talking to her won't work as she's stubborn & my parents were like it's her choice no matter how many times I've explained to them that I'm sick being compared to her.

    I'm in my first year of A levels, & she has pretty much ruined my future and I'm being completely unmotivated now! There's no point of studying tbh!

    Any advice!
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Have you tried saying/showing her that picking a subject on a whim because she doesn't know what she wants to do, particularly something like vet med or whatever you want to do, is a huge mistake? If she has no real interest in it then she'd find it difficult to apply, and she'd struggle at uni.

    Don't let this put you off what you want to do - it sounds like it's very important to you.

    You are twins for a reason.

    Saying that though, you should have a serious talk with her.

    Why don't you sit down with her and help her to figure out what she actually might like to do? It's very unlikely in this situation that she will end up on the same course at the same uni as you so I wouldn't worry. Concentrate on getting the grades and experience YOU need and help her figure out what she wants to do seperately.

    Just focus on getting good grades!
    If your sister isnt interested in animals then explain to her that being a vet isnt what shes gonna want to do!
    A career is a long term commitment! Its something youre gonna do for the rest of your life so she needs to realize that this isnt something shes gonna want to do.
    Hopefully youll lead a happy life and shell realize that its not what she wants to do!
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