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Hold and cold housemate/friend (rant--sorry it is long) Watch

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    So, I'm in my second year at uni and If I could move out of the house I am in right now I would. One of my housemates who until recently I considered a friend (for all intensive purposes we shall call her E) is constantly talking badly about me online yet is nice to my face, but I'm not sure she is aware that I know.

    We met in first year as flatmates and a group of us decided that we were going to live together in our second year. Unfortunately, during this time her only parent passed away. All of us tried to be supportive, aware that it was a very difficult time for her. I spent a lot of time talking to her, when she would leave the room I'd message her and ask her if she was okay, trying to be sensitive to her feelings. In the christmas holidays we messaged every day and I was trying my best to be there for her, offering support and talking through things with her. I can't imagine what she must have been feeling. Things havent gone well since really, she has broken up with her boyfriend of a year and she stays with her older siblings house during the holidays even though she was admimant at first that hated their mother and wouldnt live with them.

    Problems began to surface at the end of the first year. I was and still am in a relationship with one our housemates and have been for the duration of us living together. My housemates were supportive (and understandibly cautious) and the one housemate in particular (E) was kind about the situation. I had never been in a relationship before, and as she was with her boyfriend at this point we got along well.

    At the end of the year though, she began being strange. She and another housemate would get annoyed if me and my boyfriend would spend time together or go out without them. Myself and my boyfriend would come into the kitchen and they would instantly stop whispering and giggling. When we would say hello they would act bluntly towards us. When we would come back from a night out she would message us telling us to be quiet. I tried to ignore these situations and put it down to her grieving.

    However when we moved into the house for the second year things became more problematic. E got what she considered the worse room in the house, having a boiler at the far end of the room. It was suggested that as I was in a relationship with one of our housemates, that I was to have this room. I got the impression she thought of me as a push over that she could pressure me into having it as I am quite shy.

    She complained every moment she could get about the room, saying that any time you turned on a tap it woke her up, This meant she got irritated any time you would use the toilet. She set a 'curfew' for the house saying we werent allowed to use the taps after midnight until 8am. Which meant we would have to wait to use the toilet. This became impossible when I began to have 9am starts at uni, along with three other housemates when she didnt have to wake up until 10am.

    Her boyfriend at the time was practically living in the house rent free which none of us objected too.

    Its been months now and she is no longer with the boyfriend, which I again was supportive about, we spent a lot of time messaging and talking about it.

    However I recently joined twitter without her knowing, and it gave me a list of people that were 'suggested' based on email addresses. Under E's real name she has a twitter account which she has befriended coursemates (we do the same course) and has a habit of talking about me and boyfriend on there.

    Any time we laugh, sneeze, cough or make any form of noise she tweets about it, saying we are crap housemates. I understand that we do things that may annoy her but she does nothing in the house to help. She piles up the bin and doesnt ever change it. We went home for the weekend and she hadnt changed the bin bag, just dropping her rubbish into the plastic bin underneath.
    She never cleans the bathroom and her long hair gets everywhere, leaving me to clean it. She leaves dropped bits of food on the counter and doesn't clean up after herself.

    She's not perfect to live with either, far from it. It feels like we are trying to be considerate of her but she doesn't give a **** as long as she gets her way.

    I've stopped trying to be supportive of her now as I feel she is always hot and cold with me. I generally do not know where I am with her, I thought she was my friend but she seems to hate every move I make. She will tweet something horrible about me and then will come downstairs and chat to me. And others I will say hi and she doesn't even look in my direction.

    I'm remaining polite as we have to live together but we are no longer friends. Not in my eyes. Stupidly we have all signed the house contract again, which I now regret.

    Sorry about this being so long, just needed a rant I think.
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Updated: April 25, 2016
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