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    I've been with my current partner for a year and a half now and I still feel like the relationship isn't going anywhere half the time. We get along really well and we barely argue in person. It's only ever through text. Sometimes I get annoyed with him if he doesn't see me enough.. If its two days in a row he doesn't see me for then I feel slightly annoyed at him for it. I don't know why I should.

    Anyway, lately he has been treating me really badly and I am really confused as to what I should do. He is spending near enough no time with me and he is constantly with his friends and I am getting bored of just being a booty call someone he can pick up and drop whenever he pleases.

    I have tried to talk to him about this but he just won't listen to me and just says that all I do is moan and I'm just getting him down all the time. He doesn't understand that he makes me feel like I am nothing to him half the time. He ignores my messages for hours and won't talk to me even when things are good between us.

    Last night I spoke to him about all of this and got everything out my head that I needed to and he told me that things would be different and that he was going to change and that I shouldn't worry anymore and told me he loved me etc.

    Only to wake up today, and he has now seemed to have changed his mind.. Messaging me telling me that we should cancel the holiday that we have booked for later in the year because he reckons we will probably have split up by then. Im annoyed at him because we sorted things last night and now out of nowhere he has just changed his mind again.

    Is this guy ever going to change? Or am I forever going to have to be doing the chasing that's what I want to know??

    He says the only reason he feels this way today is that he has thought about everything I said to him last night. This included me telling him that unless he changes his ways, I am going to have to end the relationship because I can't continue feeling the way I do. Is he just scared that I might walk away from him??

    Or is he basically saying that he is not willing to do anything to change the way things are and that they may as well end. It's hard because I love this guy to pieces and I do see a future with him and he has said the same to me too..
    Im just having trouble figuring out all these mind games and what is actually going on behind the scenes.

    If the relationship isn't making you happy, and he doesn't seem to be willing to seriously address your concerns, than I think I'd end it.
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