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    I'm sitting my IELTS next week and I'm trying to practice writing.
    I tried to respond two task thus could you please mark me out of 9?

    A successful person is one whohas earned a lot of money. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    (250 words)

    The definition of success may vary from person to person depending on which factors are considered important and, therefore, the word can have different shades of meaning.
    Indeed, as inner values,habits and culture change from country to country and even within a nation, the definition of success can not be unique.

    Personally, I think that twomain groups of people can be distinguished according to their interpretation of success: in the first one, people identify success with the ability that a person may have to earn a lot of money orwith his popularity. Differently, the second party interprets it as the capacity a person has to accomplish something important during his life.
    As for me, I definitely own to the latter group: indeed, in my opinion, even though success is made of different variables which embrace both the two definitions stated above, success consists in the ability that a human being has to achieve something noteworthy during his life and, at the same time,to influence in a positive way other people's life.

    To support this thesis, two personalities such as Bernard Madoff and Martin Luther King can be taken into account: the first one is a fraudulent American businessman which used to earn a lot of money by lying to investors who trusted him and promising them rates of interest much higher than those offered by the exchange market at the time.The second one was,instead, an African-American politician who is notorious for his battle for equality and human rights in America during the '60s.
    In consistency with my interpretation of success then, the former can only be considered famous while the latter is a truly successful person.

    To conclude, hence, I believe that success does not coincides with the mere ability to gain a consistent amount of money, but it is much more related to the capacity of realizing something important which also has positive connotations for other people.


    You feel the evening programs on a local television station are uninteresting. Write a letter to the manager of the television station. In your letter:
    - explain why you don't like the current programs;
    - describe what kinds of programs you would like to see instead;
    - explain why these programs are better.
    (150 words)

    Dear Sir or Madame,
    I am an Italian mother from Bologna and I am writing you because I am really disappointed in your evening broadcast programming.
    Indeed, I think that most of the programs you transmit during the peak time are not appropriate for some kinds of spectators, such as kids under a certain age. In fact, in particular for what concerns movies, most of them are violent and they often contain cruel scenes.
    I would like to suggest you to transmit this type of programs at a different time, for example during the night, when kids are not awake, in the attempt to limit as much as possible the possibility for them to run into inappropriate material.
    To this end, you could reschedule the timeline of your television station by including TV-shows suitable for families, such as variety shows.
    I hope you will consider my request.
    Best regards,

    Mrs. X
Do you agree with the PM's proposal to cut tuition fees for some courses?

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