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Exams are just around the corner.... Does anybody have some killer tips on how to revise?
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Here's some tips for your Maths GCSE: All I can say is past paper questions. Only start doing the past paper questions once you are sure you have covered every topic.
  • Work through the ExamSolutions videos if you ever feel you feel like you are stuck on any section
  • Feel free to post in the TSR GCSE Maths Forum if you are unsure about something (make sure provide the question and what you have already done)
  • Do every single past paper
  • Mark your papers and see where you have gone wrong
  • Look to do IGCSE papers once you have done all of the GCSE ones
English Language: (these are my tips for the AQA exam board)
  • Practise your writing skills by writing different types of texts
  • Read books to build your vocabulary
  • Analyse a newspaper in depth everyday
  • Read the newspaper daily and analyse them
  • Watch Mr Bruff's videos on YouTube
English Literature: (same as above, tips for the AQA exam board)
  • Make sure you are confident with the books you are studying
  • Summarise the books you know in bullet points and check if you have covered each important section
  • Analyse every single thing in every poem, each little bit has a meaning
  • Try to compare different poems

I used to record myself talking and listen to it when commuting or something so I remembered every little detail. Yet again, once I knew all the content I did past papers.

Generic tips:
  • I found recording myself saying the content and listening back to it when I'm travelling really helped me
  • I made sure I knew all the content before I attempted any past paper questions
  • Use keywords in your answers, that's what gets you the mark
  • Do a good amount of past papers, if you complete them all attempt the IGCSE ones
  • Definitely mark every paper you do, if you are struggling to mark it ask your teacher to do it for you
  • See where you have gone wrong and look to improve on the section for the next paper you do

You can always use the TSR Study Resources for any subject, pretty helpful revision material on there. Also there is a very useful Study Planner on TSR which you may use, if you find that timetables are something you don't stick to then make a list of things to do per day/week and tick it off as you go along.

Check out these awesome revision tips by a fellow TSR user.

Use the Forest application on your phone to focus.

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