Geography or Philosophy and Ethics A Level, what should I choose?

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Picking my subjects now, really torn on these two but have to choose one. Anyone who has done either or both, what do you study, how hard are they, are they enjoyable, what is seen as the better subject?
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I did A Level Geography with WJEC. In the first year we studied hydrology, flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, climate change, urban environments, population and migration. In the second year we studied glacial environments and processes, globalisation and sustainability. Each college/sixth form is able to choose which modules to do (for WJEC at least), so the content will obviously vary between colleges and exam boards.

I personally found Geography to be my most difficult subject (I did Geology and ICT as well). Geography is an essay-based subject, and the number of marks available per question can range from around 5 to 70, depending on the exam board you're with (for WJEC the highest number of marks available for certain questions was 15 in the 1st year, and 25 in the 2nd year). There is a lot of content to learn for Geography, as there are lots of different case studies to remember, as well as the core geographical theory. It definitely helps if you're good at remembering facts!

I think that Geography is generally seen as the better subject, since it is a facilitating subject, whereas Philosophy and Ethics isn't, plus it's one of the more 'traditional' A Levels. It also depends on the other subjects you're doing and which degree you're hoping to do though. What other subjects and degree are you thinking of doing?

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