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When I have applied On UCAS for the Nutrition course I really made sure to choose some really good ones, with really good KIS scores.
My original UCAS application was the following:
Dietetics - Leeds Beckett
MNutr Dietetics and Nutrition-Uni of Nottingham
Nutrition: Uni of Leeds, Northumbria
When I received the offers, I didn't get accepted for the Dietetics in both unis but they offered me the Nutrition course instead. So now I have 4 offers for Nutrition but I am really undecided between the Three in the title for two factors: the location, which will determine my uni experience, and the course itself.
I live in Leeds and I made sure to choose universities that are not more than 2 hours away from home. At first Northumbria was really exciting me but when I went there, I don't know what it was, I was not as excited as I thought I would be. Lovely city tho. Nottingham University is amazing, visited yesterday, but I didn't know that my course would be delivered in Sutton Bonington Campus which is like 30 minutes away from University park and 45-50 minutes from the city centre and is in complete countryside :-/
University of Leeds, is just amazing, the way they presented the course during the visit days always fascinated me. However, is close to home like 20ish minutes with the bus. From all this you can noticed that I am so not sure: I want to be delivered the best course but at the same time I want to have university experience like living in student accommodation, meeting new people, start to be independent and responsible, something that I feel like can't really do by staying at home. Those who are doing the nutrition course at these unis, what would you suggest? And do you think that living in Leeds but moving into student accommodation can be an option to consider?

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