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    I have difficulty speaking, I speak in a low, mumbling, robotic, monotone voice. I don't know if this is because if I speak, I fear I will be judged or ridiculed. I rarely speak when it's quite, for example, if I was in a pub and all of sudden the whole pub went quite, I would not speak, however, if it loud, I would speak.

    For some reason, I cannot speak like a normal person, I speak almost like a toddler and I am 26.

    I've been speaking with a low voice all my life.

    My head hurts of worry everyday, maybe I overthink too much and this is manifesting as a blockage.

    Advice very much appreciated
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    I have similar problems which I'm trying to fix. Here is a list of tips from my 'self improvement book' which I think may help you.

    1) Confidence. The most important thing is confidence. I know it's easier said than done, but you really have to increase your confidence. It's hard, but it has to be done. Start of with pretending to be confident. Even if you feel anxious on the inside, maintain confident body language. Watch this video: https://www.ted.com/talks/amy_cuddy_...re?language=en It's very informative!

    2) Practise talking every day. Try reading passages from books/newspapers out loud. Try picking a random subject and speaking about it for 10 minutes in front of a mirror. Keep practising at improving the tone/volume/ of your voice and you'll see an improvement. The people who work the checkout at shops are great for this. They HAVE to engage with you and be polite. So practise on them too.

    3)Try to sort out your mental health. You're probably right when you say negative thoughts are partly responsible for this blockage. Get some help/therapy/whatever from your GP. It'll improve other areas of your life too. It'll also help with the confidence thing. Therapy will hopefully help you realise that a lot of your negative thoughts/fears of being ridiculed etc are unjustified

    4) Smile when you make eye contact with people and while you're talking (if it's appropriate of course. You don't want to be grinning while talking about the refugee crisis)

    5) If you don't already, read! Books, newspapers, anything. It'll improve your vocabulary and hopefully stop you sounding like a six year old. You'll also become a more interesting person with more to talk about about. Podcasts are also good.
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    Try to be more confident and talk normally, u don't need to care what other ppl think. Just like me, my first language isn't English. I was afraid that the local ppl would laugh against my accent or poor English when I just came to UK. But after I try to pretend confident to chat with them, I realised most of ppl r willing to accept and take care of me.
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