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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    (The question is in the image attached)

    (c) An X-ray unit in the cardiac catheter labs has an output of 80µGy/mAs at 1 meter when the unit is set at 100 kVp. After adding 0.3mm Cu to the beam the photon intensity is reduced to a quarter and tends to vary in proportion to kV3 (i.e. kV to the power of 3). What would be the output rate at 80cm from the tube focus for a
    continuous beam at 80 kV p and 5 mA ?
    (d) The same unit as in c) is now used for an acquisition run. The protocol uses 15 frames per second with a 10ms pulse width at 100kV without the copper filtration and a 20 x 20cm square field. The detector distance is 1m from the tube. If the measured output rate at 1m is 900 µGy/s what is the peak tube current of each pulse? What DAP reading in cGycm2 would be measured in 10 seconds of acquisition?

    2. The attempt at a solution
    Please can someone confirm if my answers are correct
    (c) 80 μG/mAs
    (Working: 20 * (1/0.8)2 * (80/100)3 * 5)

    Current = 75 mA
    (Working: I need an mA of 11.25 per second but as the machine is only on for 0.15 seconds I need 11.25 * 1/0.15 = 75)
    DAP reading = 360 cGycm2

    Thank you
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