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Hi All,

I'm keen to hear thoughts on what the best pathway for me to study law is.

My educational background is:

- First degree from a prestigious (for Australia) university
- MSc in social sciences from LSE, for which I got a Merit

I now work as a researcher in an international affairs think tank. I mainly work on questions related to current or future technologies and am finding the legal dimensions to these issues really interesting.

I think having some formal training in law would be beneficial for my current role (although don't think I'm going to be able to get my employer to pay for it!) and I'm also interested in the legal roles within other organisations that it would open up. I'd also like to keep open the option of undertaking a TC with a law firm with a focus on international law.

What pathway do you recommend (GDL, LLB, SSLLB, LLM), given:

- It would be helpful for the degree to be recognised overseas

- I don't necessarily want it just as a pathway to being a practicing solicitor/barrister - it is equally important to me at the moment as an academic qualification

- I would like to have a good chance at getting a good TC if I decide to take this route

Bonus questions:

- In some ways it would make the most sense for me to do an LLM now and then later on I could do the GDL if I wanted to practice. How unusual would this pathway be?

- How competitive are training contracts with international law firms? Would most applicants have real world experience or would they be coming straight from study?

I think that's it! Thanks in advance for your help.

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