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I think this thread should be stickied due to the confusion about commonly used acronyms. Anyway heres a few of the acronyms I see commonly mentioned:

AA - awful automobiles
GT - gay tourer
GTI - gay touring infection
BBW - big bottomed women
BMW - big massive willy
ABBA - a bloody big ass
LOL - lots of lies
LMAO - loves my anal orifice
JC - Jeremy Clarkson or Jeriatric ****
PORSCHE - proof of rich spoiled ****s having everything
NASA - naughty anal sex association
EU - extremely underrated
VAT - value associated theft
TSR - the stupid room (a web forum for stupid people who intend to become less stupid through the medium of long pointless courses and massive debt)
MOT - mechanical old trap
PPI - pick pocketers insurance (thiefs scam)
USA - universal shooting arena

I will update this thread as and when. In the meantime feel free to add your own or ask about others I have missed.

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