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    Sorry for the long post, but this is a major concern for me. I've gotten an offer from Glasgow University (English Literature if you think that's relevant) and now's come the time to apply for accommodation but I've found that I'm stuck between two very different halls of residence: Queen Margaret and Murano. Here are my thoughts on both:

    Queen Margaret - The standard of living from what I've seen and heard is much higher at Queen Margaret; the rooms are very nice, you have an ensuite bathroom, and the area is pleasant and safe. As well as that, the flats are very intimate, with students socialising mostly with the four or five people they share with, which given I'm a bit of a shy guy and not great in a party atmosphere might be much more comfortable for me. However, it seems a bit too intimate to the point of isolation; if I don't get along with my flatmates, it seems I'll be alone for most of my stay there. As well as that, I feel as if I should be pushing myself, trying things outside of my comfort zone, which brings us onto...

    Murano - From what I've seen and heard, the standard of living is very average and on the low side of average at that - and I really would prefer an en suite bathroom. On top of that, I've heard Maryhill is a bit of a rough area, though I've heard others say its reputation is unjust. Murano is a lot more sociable I've heard but on a large scale - more of a party atmosphere, which as I've said might not suit me being a bit of a shy guy. But maybe I should try it - after all, socialising is one of the most important aspects of uni, arguably the most so in first year. I would like to come out of my shell and maybe the best solution to that is to jump into the deep end - I might even find I quite like being sociable and meet a lot of great people. Furthermore, since Murano isn't as intimate, I don't have to worry so much about potentially not getting along with my flatmates. That being said, I still do like my quiet time by myself and I don't know if I can get that as much at Murano.

    Once again, sorry for the long post. Any advice would be appreciated.

    I had to consider the exact same thing before I applied for accommodation, and I ended up choosing Queen Margaret as my first choice, Cairncross as my second, and then opted for Murano as my third. However, I got my accommodation offer back yesterday, and it was for Murano. This is the same for all my friends as well, who chose pretty much the same options I did. This makes me think that, actually, this might not really be a decision you even have to make, since QM must already be full (which is a complete joke if you ask me, considering the application window has only opened just recently, and it seems that two halls are already completely filled?)

    Either way, I don't think QM is actually an option anymore, so if these are the only two you're considering, then expect to be placed in Murano.

    It really is just luck what you get with the halls, I'm I'm a murano large flat this year and I'm also quite a shy person but it's actually been the best thing - you do meet a lot more people and it does quiet down after a bit. A lot of the large flats have been done up recently and are actually nice for what you're paying, the small ones are a bit dire though and I'd say go for QM if you're wanting a small flat. Not having an ensuite wasn't as bad as expected, think I waited maybe twice to use the shower. Also the area isn't as bad as you'd think just be careful late at night obviously!
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Updated: May 1, 2016
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