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Is it too late to do A-level maths? watch

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    Hi, I am currently in year 12 and studying economics, psychology, computer science and film studies. I would like to carry on with all these subjects for A2 as well because currently I'm doing fairly well with four a levels (I'm around a B grade for all of them). I want to study Computing and Economics or Computing and Business at university. I want to go to a top 30 univeristy (I use the CUG league table) and out of the ones I've checked, most require a level maths for computing and even some for economics. I can apply to St Andrews just for Economics but from what I've read apparently it's really competitive and so I'll probably be disadvantaged because I haven't done a level maths. So now I'm wondering if it is possible to do a level maths in one year. I'll be applying to unis this winter so I don't know if there will be a point in doing a level maths because I found it really hard when I tried to do it in first few weeks of year 12 and I don't know if I could do it all in one year. Is it possible to do an a level in one year? Also if I did decide to do it then would I have to tell the unis that I'm applying to about the situation? Would I have to mention that I'm trying to do it all at once? Sorry if this is all confusing but right now I'm really confused and uncertain about what to do.

    It's possible - but you'd effectively be studying six subjects (A2 Economics / Psychology / CompSci / Film Studies AND the full 6 modules of Mathematics).

    Almost all Computer Science degrees require strong maths - the majority don't even require CompSci A Levels. From what I know about Economics, the same applies there; Economics at A Level is not a requirement for studying Economics at university, in most cases.

    The most important A Levels you could do for what looks like your chosen degree course (CompSci or Economics) are Maths and Further Maths. As you're in Year 12 already I think you'll need to settle for just Maths, unless you want to do an extra year at Sixth Form.

    My advice? Prioritise in the following order: Maths ("fast track" A Level), CompSci, Economics, Psychology, Film Studies. IMO you should drop Film Studies as there's no academic value in that subject and has no bearing on whether you'll be admitted into a top uni. A*A*A* in the first three means a hell of a lot more than AAAAA or lower. You may also have to sacrifice Psychology to accommodate a full Maths programme in your timetable.

    I seriously doubt you can do all of those subjects plus a full Maths programme in the last year - it's the same as studying for six A Levels, which most colleges won't allow you to do because of timetabling difficulties and the dedication required to do six sets of exams in one May/June window. That's the other thing...Maths is 6 exams, which you'd need to fit in around all your other subjects.

    If you're hell bent on doing Film Studies and Psychology, you could study Maths out of hours through the National Extension College (~£550 for the full Maths A Level) but obviously this is a lot of extra work, and you still have the issue with too many exams in the May/June schedule.

    Talk to your form tutor / student services people / senior maths lecturer to figure out if you can do Maths, and then which subjects you may need to drop to make it happen.

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