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Hi, I'm going to a new college next year & starting afresh, thing is I'm stuck deciding as I'm 50/50 on both. So I need some help..

College A
Offers the subjects I want to do - preferably a-levels
Brilliant facilities - educational and for social
Massive building & loads of space
OFSTED rating outstanding
Offers a wide range of a-levels and btec's
It will allow me to make a fresh start where no one will know me
Don't have to go in every day
More independent
Felt confident in the college
Loads of opportunities
Can do a levels and do btec at a later date
Friendly people - taster session absolutely brilliant loved it.
Pastoral care which my current college is useless at
Didn't seem misleading - my sixth form teachers pretty much lie about everything
Students who want to go to university get ``special attention``
College itself has a great rep. and is one of the best fe college in the county

Worried I would find my subjects too hard (11 gcses @ b's - d's mediocre from TSR's level... i know...)
Not many university courses jump out at me at the moment apart from history and also - but what can i do with that???
Dunno if i really wanna go university - If I did btec i would get work experience too - we don;t get that with a levels.

College B
Offers loads of extra curricular clubs something colleges & sixth forms in my area seem to be lacking in...
Would allow me to choose a course so would land me on the path to one of my preferred career paths
My friend is there
btecs = coursework which I mostly do better in
Way more free time
The taster session was fun and the course seemed interesting despite what happened.

I don't know a lot about the college itself
Only offers btecs - no a levels
I would be stuck with the btec - i'm an indecisive person
I think I would miss learning
Even if i did do btec it I wouldn't be able to do the TechBacc
Worried I would be limited
Felt v. insecure in the environment and generally uncomfortable in that college environment

Thanks in advance for your help

This is being posted in the btec forum as well, as I gather I may get some bias answers...
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Based on the information you've given, I'd say that college A would probably be the better option. As long as you meet any subject/grade requirements for the subjects you want to study, then you'll probably be able to cope with the content/workload. College A also gives you the option of A Levels of BTECs, and that's good if you're not sure whether to go to uni or not. You said you felt very insecure in college B's environment, and that's a big issue in my opinion - if you don't feel comfortable in your environment, then you're less likely to do well because you'll feel worried/uncomfortable all the time.

I hope that helps

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