I had the wrong course listed on SFE last year!

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Hi everyone, if anybody could help or ease my mind right now that'd be fab.

I'm doing Biomedical Science at uni right now and I've went to apply for my final year (3rd year) student finance, only to realize when checking the course was correct that I'd gotten my entire 2nd year student finance for the wrong course!

For context, I started studying Biological Sciences in first year, switching to Biomedical Science for 2nd and 3rd year. On my application for 2nd year finance I'd accidentally selected "Biological Sciences (Biomedical Sciences)" as the course which is just a more Biomedical Science focuses bioscience course, rather than "Biomedical Science" which is the actual Biomed course offered by the uni.
As a result, for each of my 3 years of student finance I'll have received financing for three technically different course codes;
1st year - Biological Sciences
2nd year- Biological Sciences (Biomedical Sciences)
3rd year - Biomedical Science

My question is, will I be penalized for this? Did I mess up badly or is this something that is meaningless? I'm stressing in case I've messed up my student finance and its wracking my brain...

If anyone has experience with this or could shed some light I'd appreciate it!

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