A453 OCR Computing Controlled Assessment Task 3 Help?

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So for the previous tasks, I am asked to create a random arithmetic quiz for a primary school teacher. The primary school teacher has 3 separate classes and all the scores must be saved on three different txt files depending on the users class. Now I must sort out the scores in the file:
• In an alphabetical order with each student’s high score for the tests.
• By the highest score, highest to lowest.
• By the average score, highest to lowest.

So far, I can sort out the scores in alphabetical order but how do i sort the scores out from highest to lowest and by the average score. Plz help asap CA is due in on Tuesday and I need to try to get an A. Thanks in advance

This is my coding so far:
import random

score = 0
if __name__ == '__main__':
name = input("What is your name? ").title()
class_name = input("Which class do you wish to input results for? ")
print('{}, Welcome to the OCR Controlled Assessment Maths Test'.format(name))
for count in range(10):
num1 = random.randint(1, 10)
num2 = random.randint(1, 10)
symbol = random.choice(["+", "-", "*"])
print("Please solve:\n", num1, symbol, num2)
user = int(input(""))

if symbol == "+":
answer = num1 + num2
elif symbol == "-":
answer = num1 - num2
elif symbol == "*":
answer = num1 * num2

if user == answer:
score = score + 1

print(", You Got", score, "Out Of 10")
filename = class_name, + ".txt"
with open(filename, 'a+') as f:
f.write("{} : {}".format(name, score)

viewclass = input("To view previous scores, enter your class number and type whether you want the scores to be arranged either alphabetically, by average score or highest to lowest scores?")

if viewclass=='1 alphabetically':
with open('1.txt', 'r') as r:
for line in sorted(r):
print(line, end='')

elif viewclass=='2 alphabetically':
with open('2.txt', 'r') as r:
for line in sorted(r):
print(line, end='')

elif viewclass=='3 alphabetically':
with open('3.txt', 'r') as r:
for line in sorted(r):
print(line, end='')

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