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Was Jim Morrison the most beautiful man to ever live? watch

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    A few comments and a premise:

    PREMISE: Beauty is itself a relative concept. What is best is also a relative concept. You're asking us to tell you if one is the best (relative) looking (relative). It's a relative judgment within a relative judgment which you ask as if it were objective. Your comments doesn't stand any rational scrutiny. That said...

    COMMENT 1: By most nearly timeless standards of male beauty, Jim Morrison was an extremely beautiful man. He looked like a Greek statue, which he accentuated. Indeed, he was obsessed with Alexander the Great's looks and showed celebrity hair stylist Jay Sebring a picture of a statue of Alexander and to cut his hair like that. Little sas trivia: Sebring was one of the murdered celebrities in the Sharon Tate massacre. Jim Morrison also looked like a Calvin Klein model, or an A&F model... these models of manly beauty are nearly timeless: square jaw, full lips, small nose, deep-set eyes, symmetrical features.

    COMMENT 2: Honestly, I'm sort of a Jim Morrison lookalike which made me very happy when I was a teen enamoured with The Doors (as evidence by the above) and myself have often been defined handsome, beautiful, attractive, etc. I imagine that even if Jim hadn't been a celebrity, he'd have attracted the same comments as I have and even more as althought we look quite alike, I'd say he's objectively even more attractive than me.

    Anonymous cause otherwise people will say I'm a brag. Meh.

    You wish boy ...You wish so ****in bad you delusional freak lol

    Not as they found him... look it up.
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