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Japanese in Exeter...

Hey! I by no means am Japanese but are there any Japanese language classes in Exeter, and also are there any Japanese students in Exeter? I know its rather a random question, but if the answer is yes I might definately consider coming here as I was offered a place through Extra so please let me know :biggrin:
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Plenty of Japanese/Chinese students here.
And here's a list of all the courses available for beginners in the foreign language centre, which includes 3 different beginners' Japanese modules :smile:
Students at Cornwall campus, University of Exeter
University of Exeter
Thats a weird question...why so interested in Japenese? lol
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I guess I am wierd!! lol! I just have a fond interest in the culture and hope to visit their soon :smile:

Also how far away is Exeter from London? What would the average number of times will be of me going home say per month? I've been stuck in my home all my life, think I might find it real tough staying at Exeter as its far far away *not in space mind you lol*
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Obviously depending on what side of London you live on and whether you end up on one of the fast trains from Exeter or one of the stopping trains, it'll take 2.5-3 hours on average. It'll only take more if you're unlucky.

It's expensive though - even on a Young Person's Railcard it's about £28 return. And trust me, once you're here, you won't want to go home that often :p: Most people only go home once a term, if that (+ holidays of course). I don't know anyone who goes home once a month.
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You can get stopping trains for cheap on but they are slow - take about 4 hoursish. I get them because you can Exeter-Waterloo and vice versa for £5 if you're lucky, sometimes less than that.

You will find yourself very busy though; you aren't likely to go home too often. I've gone once a term this year (I thought I'd go much more often than that!)