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There is a major railway reconstruction project affecting a railway bridge being
undertaken just outside Anytown by Allerton Construction this caused major
tailbacks on the road both in and out of Anytown. Ahmed, who was late for work,
was becoming increasingly agitated. Watching the dashboard clock, he decided
to pull out of the main traffic queue and drive down the lane which had been
cordoned off. The lane looked safe. He was unaware however that the repairs
were to the support beams underpinning that section of the road. As he drove
along the lane various people shouted for him to stop. Ignoring these shouts he
drove on. The section of the road gave way under the weight of the car and the
car crashed through onto the railway track below landing on its roof and began to
leak petrol.
Emergency services were called. Prior to their arrival construction workers went
down to the crash site to see what they could do. On arrival they could smell the
petrol and all but Sarah, one of the construction workers, backed off. She sent
for sand and began to cover the petrol leakage. During this process although
thinking about the safety of the driver, she also began to realise that the petrol
could easily ignite and if this occurred she could be killed. This was a terrifying
thought. Just as Sarah completed scattering the sand the emergency services
arrived. Rashid who was the lead fireman congratulated her on her quick thinking
and asked everyone to back away. At this point Ahmed began shouting for help.
Rashid took the decision to assess the situation close up and moved to the petrol
soaked area. He got down on his knees to speak to Ahmed and when he did he
realised Ahmed was his brother. Although taken aback he organised a successful
rescue. In the meantime a camera crew arrived and were filming the rescue.
Rashid rang Ahmed’s wife Diana and informed her that Ahmed had been involved
in a car crash and to watch the news. This she did and was horrified. Sarah,
Rashid and Diana are now all complaining of recurring nightmares, and in the case
of Sara and Rashid flashbacks to the event. Ahmed suffered a broken leg in the
accident and was shaken up.
Advise Sarah, Rashid and Diana of any claims they may have and against

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