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hiya, don't want to really be the one to post this but the oh so lovely people in the guardian have got this article about how lots of people with good As's will be dissapointed with their A2's cos the boards will downgrade a2 marks to stop overall inflation and basically play a numbers game. They've got some exam expert to say the following.

"because the high AS pass rates that caused exam boards such a headache last year are almost identical to the AS levels that are feeding into this years A2s to give the final A-level mark. The boards will have had to adjust the boundaries or face grade inflation.

What's more, Porkess argues, the guidelines have legislated for this. "I think the guidelines make the problem worse, because in setting module thresholds, awarding committees are required to look outside the module at the effect they will have on the overall marks for that particular session. And that's a new requirement. They've legalised it.

I think it means the students can't be 100% confident that their final modules will be graded entirely on merit.

I think it may well be that in some subjects there are a lot of students who are disappointed by their A2 grades and will be a bit mystified at how badly they've done. But you shrug your shoulders and get on with life." The QCA is aware of Porkess's fears. "I hope they will take them on board," he says. "

Can someone post back and tell me what they think this means for our grades and whether i'm being unduely pessimistic.

The full article is here,00.html[/url]
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"I think it means the students can't be 100% confident that their final modules will be graded entirely on merit."
Well here’s my 2 pence – we can never be totally confindent our grades are based on merit anyway. Every year the paper which is set is different but also every year the set of students is different. This creates a problem that there is no clear level of hardness which exams should be set at. The only thing that does stay constant from year to year is the examiners, and they more the boundaries depending on the difficulty of the paper – this makes It difficult to measure the level of the students – if they do well are the students better or the papers easier?

The problem I see with grades not being based on merit is not the fault of the examiners but everyone who is saying exams are getting easier. This puts enormous pressure on their examiners to lower students results.

But the whole system is not based on merit anyway – if you have a bad day and do badly – you’re not being assessed on your merit. If the examiner is tired and doesn’t read the paper properly you’re not being assessed on your merit. The exam system isn’t fair – but it’s the best we’ve got.
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your post made a lot of sense thanks, i think i've just got myself in such a state that i'm panicking over every single article i see thats negative about the exam results.I'll just be glad when it's all over

Good luck for 2moro
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