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    (Original post by Pegasus)
    Although I'm unfamiliar with the course that you have applied for I would say although doing Maths AS-level would be an advantage, I imagine any necceserry topics that you have missed out on will be covered in your first year. I would say concentrate on getting good grades in your A-levels that you're doing at the moment, and perhaps do a little background reading into the sort of maths that you will be studying closer to the time of commencing your course (your university will be able to advise you on this)

    Hope thats helped!
    i dont think doing maths AS will b an advantage if u fail it... so i wud say dont take it!
    if ur not aiming for the 'posh top 30 unis' then they dont care much about whether u hav maths or not i dont think.

    (Original post by bcr8iv)
    Ok, most of you are all saying that I will require at least a B in GCSE Maths to be accepted to study Economics. Why then, do both Manchester University and Manchester Met University ask only for a C in Maths GCSE? Obviously I'm aware now of the maths content in the degree, which I know I will be able to handle, even though I only got a C at GCSE Maths.

    The point is if I'll find it hard to have my application accepted if other applicants have Maths A-Level and Maths at B/A at GCSE, I should pick up Maths AS this coming year. Although, I think (correct me if I'm wrong) the majority of people in this thread, as well as the website, are looking to go to posh top 30 Universities, therefore think most people get an A or B at Maths GCSE, when the truth is many high schools only have about 40% passing with 5A-Cs(Like my old school).

    Manchester Met only require CCC for 'Economics' and 'Business Economics', therefore I'm sure they wouldn't expect As and Bs at GCSE because the majority of students who get CCC wouldn't have As in gcse, so picking up Maths at AS this year would be pointless for such universities would it not?
    Doing AS maths Won't be Pointless, if u want to do Economics u gotto learn this stuff anyway! But then you will just go to the lecturs and come out and then ur on ur own. They teach this stuff very breifly and if u don't have a good mathematical background u WILL strugle...C at GCSE Maths won't be no good. If u do AS Maths however, 2 pure and 1 statistics, U could easily be addmited for Bor Manchester uni and ManMet.Also Sometimes when they say Minimum C grade at GCSE doesn't mean they alway going to accept people whith C grade. If there is simply more people with better grades than u they'll take them instead.
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