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What is the situation like at Pembridge Hall?

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No... Everyone knows what ensuite means, but just take a look at the panoramas provided by Imperial for "Pembridge Single Ensuite" and you see why this is asked.

There seem not enough space for the inclusion of a toilet. Can you explain what is going on?

It seems they have reclassified certain rooms in Pembridge since I lived there. In my time at Pembridge rooms with showers only were classified as being non-ensuite.
You are going to have to phone up accomodation office for more details.
But I suspect there has been a mix up with the people who made the panaramic view of the rooms.
To be perfectly honest though. You really can not judge the quality of rooms in Pembridge based on any panaramic view of any room in Pembridge. There is a huge variation in the quality of each and every room. For instance there is a 3rd floor double room which is about as big as the games room at Pembridge.

The 'cost' of going into college. I would put that at maybe a few calories and a 20 minutes less sleep. One can theortically get from Pembridge to Uni faster by way of the 52/70 bus. In practice you are probabily going to wait at least 10 minutes for a bus and spend an extra pound each way to uni.

Cycling is a very fast option. It should cut the time it takes to get into uni by about a half. Less if you kain it.
Pembridge has 'some' facilities to store bikes round the back by the annex. There are a few steps you need to carry the bike over though.

Laundry. There is one laundry room in the whole 4 buildings. This of course means for some people its a trek to get laundry done. Especially since the laundry room is located in the house 28 basement next to B01.
There are 4 washing machines and 4 dryers. They are free to use.

College bike facilities. Its a fricking bike rack. What do you want from it? Is it nice? Yes we have a valet service in a section of the bike store which will clean your bike, oil your chain, repaint it and leave it with that new bike smell.

Honestly. The way I see it the halls experience isn't so much about the facilities which are quite frankly going to be crap compared to home. But the experience is about the people. If you can't see that then I guess our reputation at Imperial is well deserved.
Learning at Imperial College London
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