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    Hi! First post here, so hello to everyone off the bat! I've got my GCSEs in the next two months and, due to my mock results, the only thing I'm really worried about is science. I do triple science on OCR 21st Century. This means I do the units B1-7, C1-7 and P1-7. At the moment I'm just reading the revision guide through and checking I know it by covering it and checking. Just wondered how y'all revise sciences as I'm not really struggling with anything else, cheers. Christian.

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    Heloooo! So I am currently in the same situation for you, i have my exams soon too! But I'm doing AQA which is slightly different, but it's still science! Anyways, how I revise is to look through the revision guide and makes some notes to myself, you need to make sure you condense these notes because you can't learn big paragraphs! After this I normally read over and teach my notes to some one who is willing to listen! This is personally what works for me, but it might not work for you, but it is just a suggestion! xx

    I try doing past papers of each subject in exam conditions and timed, so I don't look at any of my notes. This really helps as it highlights the bits I don't know very well so I can go over it. I also use flash cards, and I get the questions for them from the questions at the end of each section in my revision guide. I have my flash cards colour coded per subject and the I have a different colour pen for each module (eg b4 is a yellow card for biology and blue pen for the b4 module) this means I can jumble them all together so I learn it all together but still be able to identify what subject/ module it is. If there's diagrams you need to learn I draw them on a piece of a4/a3 paper and then stick them on my mirror or somewhere obvious in my bedroom so I see it often and take the information in without really thinking about it.

    Hello ! Im in the exact same situation, but im a year before you (ocr 21st century exam board), but im doing my 1-2-3 modules right now e.g. C1,2,3 P1,2,3 B1,2,3. my best way of revising is flash cards! honestly, theyre so handy and theyve helped me learn whole modules in NIGHTS, i just put on one side a question/a 'fill in the gaps' para/a phrase like 'list the pros and cons of ___', and on the other side the answers, this especially helps if you have any exam question examples w the mark scheme that you know are common, as then you can test yourself to make sure you know and get all the key points you mightve missed in the exam ! good luck x

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