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Opinions on labelling sexual orientations? Watch

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    Hi everyone!

    I read an article a few days ago on Maisie Williams (Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, for those that live under a rock) and she made a strong point of rebuking people who felt the need to 'label' her sexuality, saying she falls for people based on personality etc. The reactions to it seemed to be cut down the middle with people supporting the idea and basically saying 'down with society's labels', and others calling it idiotic and that labels(ie classification) can be used without stereotypes being enforced.

    I'm just wondering about your opinions on this topic. I am personally a bisexual man who doesn't mind being in the 'label' of bi-sexual I.e. A simple declaration of who I'm atteacted to. I know fully who I am, and while I'm fine with the label, I don't let it define me 😊


    I think labels are helpful for the individual, to allow them to put a name to how they're feeling but it is a spectrum, i don't think people should ever demand a label from you or just label you as they see fit but it really depends on each person, it can be a difficult topic and labels can make you feel less alone but I don't agree with the need for people to be able to put you in a box for their own peace of mind.

    If it makes people happy, why not? It doesn't have any effect on the people who choose to avoid labels. I personally would class myself as 'straight' but there is a hell of a lot more complication behind the scenes. However, I've got no burning urge to put a name to how I'm feeling or to reveal the science behind it. I just roll with it because I don't care.

    Equally, if someone wants to label themselves it doesn't impact my life. I've had people try to label me in the past and I'm just like "Okay, sure!" Call me what you like, it doesn't affect me.
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    What people label themselves is up to them.

    You're allowed to have your own opinion, including about the biphobia that means that some people who screamingly are bisexual don't want to say so...
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Updated: May 4, 2016
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