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    So I am currently studying education and childhood however I know my main passion is with animals.
    I'm looking at dropping out of uni and starting again and studying either 'animal science and welfare' or 'wildlife management and conservation' but I have not got a clue what career path these would lead me to?
    If someone could help me with the career paths these would lead to and also what sort of wage I'd be on because obviously money is a factor.
    I'll leave a link to the two courses I'm considering they are both foundation however I plan on doing the honours course which is a top up year.
    I should also mention that my main interest is safari animals, however I am all ears for other suggestions!!
    Thank you!


    i would actually love to work with animals too and i know you could be a vet and all that but seems like you wan something bigger, with i wider variety of animals or something idk but i'll list where you can go with a degree etc:

    - work abroad in conserving animals e.g. captive breeding
    - zoo idk?
    - work in hospitals in other countries or places like peru and trying to conserve animals and their habitats

    personaly, i think if your interested in safari animals africa? or kenya? and you could work in say a hospital over there or something along those lines

    EDIT: im sorry i just realised the web links were the courses and they are conservation :0
    sorry if i was no help...
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    (Original post by jess_a)
    I'm looking at dropping out of uni and starting again and studying either 'animal science and welfare' or 'wildlife management and conservation' but I have not got a clue what career path these would lead me to?
    I'm a vet student, but have had friends who studied animal science. On of them worked on a farm post graduation, but her main interest was nutrition which is why she later worked for an animal feed company. She said some of her friends ended up in research based careers or other animal husbandry type roles.

    If you flip your question on the head, maybe think about what type of job you want to do and then work backwards to find a degree that might lead to that career. It depends if you want to be mostly hands on with animals, or whether you prefer a more research/lab based career since both involve animals, but perhaps in a different way. If safari/zoo animals are your thing I'd perhaps consider some experience at a zoo/safari park and look at how they care for the animals, how they manage breeding etc etc.

    I did an Animal Science degree and my classmates have gone on to teaching, sales for animal feed companies and further education at vet school, Vet Nursing or MSc. A few have gone back to work on their home farms (dairy/beef) and I know one who is a stockman at the university farms which includes research and I think eventually a PhD. Others have office jobs in a completely unrelated field but which required degree level education.
    We were able to choose a pathway and our dissertation title so people interested in wildlife and conservation worked abroad with primates, tigers in zoos etc as well as an industry placement to gain experience in desired roles.

    Wage completely depends on what you go into. I wouldn't say its one of the top earning degrees, unlike economics and you would probably get more from working in education.

    Good advice from SilverstarDJ in looking at desired careers and then choosing a degree scheme.
    If you are interested in safari animals, maybe look at Vet Nursing and specialise in exotics, get placements at zoos or safari parks and look at some of the courses offered by WVS.
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