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Questions that i do not know the answers to about BTECs and other qualifications. Watch

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    Hi guys,

    I have a few quick questions regarding BTECs as i have a lot of questions which i can't find the answers for online and i would really appreciate if you guys can answer them!

    Do qualification overlap each other?So let's say that you get a level 2 qualification in for instance Business, and if you were do level 3 business the next year as an a level, does it mean it cancels out the level 2 and replaces it? So you lose the qualifications like 3 GCSEs and get 2 a levels instead? Or does it just add on for you qualifcations list for your CV? Like this:

    'Level 2 Busniess'
    'Level 3 Business'

    Also, let's say that you've failed your GCSEs and employers ask for 5 GCSEs but they don't say 'or equivalent' (Maybe they forgot to put it in, who knows) can you still apply for it with level 2 qualifications and still get in.

    In furthermore, how does the grading system work in BTECs because I'm planning to do a diploma and i just want to know what would would happen if i failed my GCSEs. As i'm planning to get a Distinctive in my diploma BTECs for level 2 would that = A*?

    Additionally, let's say that you finished your level 2 qualifications (Just 2) in ICT and Business when your 16, and the the next year your 17 and you say something like 'Hey i want to do A level physcology now, as my level 2 qualifications = to 3 gcses (depending what it is) can you do it then? Including GCSE maths and English and will it be free for the whole 2 years as i'll be 19 at the end of it?

    I'm trying really hard at my GCSES but i'm worried that i've failed and i would like to have a plan so that it's not the end of the world, as i think i'm not going to pass at least '5', and let's say i pass my core subjects and get a really good grade in another subject at A* like computing, then get level 2 btecs 100% so as level 3 will i be in a good place to impress employers?

    Many thanks for your time guys!

    The two qualifications are entirely separate and if you were to further your studies in business to level 3 that wouldn't cancel out your level 2 qualification, and yes you would list them separately on your CV.

    If they're asking for 5 GCSEs they're asking for 5 GCSEs although yes it could be that they simply forgot to include 'or equivalent'. Checking with the employer on that would be your best bet. Although it could very well be worth applying anyway if you have a large amount of work experience or knowledge in that area. Its always worth a shot

    I believe a Distinction* (achieved by getting distinctions in every unit of your level 2 BTEC) is equivalent to A*, Distinction = A, Merit = B, and Pass = C. At least thats what I was always told. However for level 3 its Distinction* = A*, Distinction = A, Merit = C, Pass = E. Your level 2 should immediately get you onto a level 3 course in that same subject, however you may have to redo maths and English if you do not get a C grade or above this time around.

    Whether or not you can do a level psychology is dependent on college/sixth form requirements which can vary so I can't answer that sorry. The courses will be free up until you're 19 though.

    You haven't failed yet! There is still time to revise and pass your GCSEs, so don't give up hope. Nothing is set in stone yet, just do your best. However, depending on the level 3 course you chose and what you're applying for, yes you could well be in a good place to impress employers. However, I cannot stress the importance of work experience. Something such as volunteering in a charity shop once a week will put you in a really great place for your first job - shows willingness, compassion, pro activeness - the list goes on. Something that is especially true with a BTEC is that what you put in, you get out. If you continually do the bare minimum, that's what you'll get! However, staying on top of work with good time management and organisation, achieving distinctions in assignments, doing work experience etc. will put you in an excellent position for whatever you want to do next.

    Hope this is helpful!
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