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I have 3 AS Levels this year worth 50% of my A2 grade
Basically I started to late and take
RS of which I've done nearly all my revison for
Classics of which I've only done like a quarter
Computer science of which I've done only a tiny bit barring in mind that I have 40% courseowrk with it.
I'm really worried cause I've started to late and how my first exam is in less than two weeks. And just wondering do I have enough time to get ABB
For revison I've simply just read through all the booklets so far and made notes in spider diagram form. Don't know what else I should be doing? What's more effective? And how long I should be working each day?

Thank you
Sorry for spelling mistakes

Also I do not want to repeat any that is not an option.
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PAST PAPERS are one of the best revision methods, and are often repeated in new exam papers, but it is entirely down to the individual. If spider diagrams work for you, carry on doing that. Try not to cram revise, it may seem like because you feel that you've started late doing 8+ hours of revision will help. If anything it will make you more flustered and you won't take it in. The things that you struggle with the most, focus on them. If you understand a topic completely and feel as though you do not need much revision on that then prioritise your learning to the topics you feel are most tricky.
I can only recommend going to www.freexampapers.com- they can show you some exam papers that have been taken off the exam boards' website.
Good luck!

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