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Hello everybody !
I got admitted at KCL and I will start my 1st academic year this september. I would like to apply to the tuition fees loan in order to get my studies initially paid and then pay it back after I get a job. My problem is that I have to prove that I am EU (I am Italian) sending my original document or a certified copy of it. Basically I do not really know how to make a certified copy and no idea who should fill the certifier checklist form. I asked to my municipality of residence and they told me no way they can fill an English form and summing up they cannot provide me a certified copy of my Identity Card.
I know I can send my original document but I am seriously worried about it cause I do not think it is safe. If this document would be lost, especially abroad like in London, I would have serious trouble and long procedures to follow in order to sort this eventual problem out.
Any chance some of you is the same situation or just know how can I do ?
Thanks in advance !

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