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I've been trying to find a few adverts that I haven't seen in years which are from the 80's and 90's. The Adverts that I've been trying to find are a Jam advert where a woman is sitting on a water fountain and opens up a jar of jam. The others Adverts that I'm trying to find is an old plugin advert where a face is on this plugin air freshener and it blows flowers out and they jump up on a chair and into a vase that is on the table next to it and a woman comes into the room smelling or sniffing the air

Along with a Haribo Starmix advert were a woman is in the park with her child in a stroller and as she goes to fetch a red, white, yellow and blue plastic toy plane that he's thrown the child quickly bounces forward and grabbed the sweets off the bench and bounces back before she comes back. The Narrator say's Haribo. You see it you want it. I did come across something similar on Youtube. But it's for Haribo Gold bear also I do apolagize if I've posted this in the wrong forum

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