Greenpeace Betrays and Condemns The Polar Bears

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Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

Back in the Seventies, I never could have imagined that the organization that I co-founded in 1972 along with a group of incredible talented and media savvy visionaries would end up supporting the slaughter of polar bears, seals and whales.

The Greenpeace Foundation International has completely betrayed everything it once stood for. The people who run Greenpeace today have literally smashed the foundation of ideals and principles that the Greenpeace name was built upon.
Their endorsement today along with the World Wildlife Fund of Polar bear hunting is a despicable act that will condemn hundreds of these magnificent animals to suffering and death. Already facing the threat of climate change, the impact of oil exploration and the diminishment of food resources, the polar bear will continue to be hunted by trophy hunters so that a very small handful of Inuit guides can keep their jobs of leading overly privileged white hunters to their victims.

Guiding white hunters to kill Polar bears is not a tradition nor does it have any validity as being a part of Inuit culture.
Earlier this year the notorious Greenpeace Arctic Director Jon Burgwald accepted a gift of a seal skin vest from a Greenland fur company and proudly posed for pictures in a seal skin coat. Calls for his dismissal were ignored by Greenpeace.

Last year, Burgwald apologized to the Inuit for Greenpeace opposition to the commercial seal slaughter in the Seventies despite the fact that the Inuit never participated in the East coast annual massacre of baby seals. Now to further curry favor with the Inuit in an effort to enlist their support against the oil companies, Greenpeace has tossed them another bone – their support for killing the bears.

This is the face of the new Greenpeace and it is a face that every single living founding member of Greenpeace condemns. Greenpeace supports the slaughter of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands, the slaughter of dolphins in Japan, the brutal massacre of baby seals in Canada and the killing of Polar bears.

Last year Greenpeace brought in 375 million Euros in donations and spent $170 million Euros on fund-raising campaigns. It has become a great big mean green machine that now exists to generate donations for the purpose of supporting the employees of Greenpeace. They lose members of course each and every time their hypocrisy is exposed but they bank on the apathy and the ignorance of the general public. As one former Greenpeace director once said, “it does not matter what is true, it only matters what people think is true.”

And thus Greenpeace has become a parasitical feel good corporation. What it sells is the illusion of caring. Support Greenpeace and be transformed into an environmentalist and no matter what you do, your conscience will be absolved because you hold a Greenpeace membership.

The World Wildlife Fund is no surprise. They have always been pro-trophy hunting, pro-sealing and whaling. No surprise there that they would endorse the trophy hunting of polar bears.

Greenpeace however was established to represent the victims of human greed. Now Greenpeace is championing the human predators.

It’s a bloody disgrace.

We almost had a win for the bears. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wanted a ban. The European Union wanted a ban. Even Russia argued that poachers from Canada were using Canadian bear permits to launder their illegal kills.
All of this was overturned by Greenpeace and the WWF.
And yet the public continues to support Greenpeace and WWF under the illusion that both these organizations are the champions of endangered and threatened species.

Some 300 Polar bears will die this year, brutally slain by high-powered rifles in the hands of rich psychopaths and all for the purpose of protecting the jobs of a few dozen hunting guides. And this number does not include the victims of poachers who will be able to sell their illegal polar bear parts under the guise of forged papers.

Greenpeace has embraced the philosophy that jobs are more important than the environment and the rights of killers takes precedence over the rights of threatened and endangered species.
The spirit of Robert Hunter has been forsaken and replaced by the greed motivated anthropocentric views of Jon Burgwald, placing people first and the rights of other species second.

Greenpeace will continue to churn out tens of millions of copies of their “green” propaganda aimed at pulling in donations for no other reason than to enrich themselves.

My critics will of course attack me for being critical of Greenpeace with the same old rhetoric saying I should be focusing on the enemy, and not Greenpeace. Unfortunately Greenpeace is now the enemy of the polar bears, the whales, the dolphins and the seals and that makes them my enemy also.
This is a poem I wrote a few years back. My allegiance is and always will be to the victims. I have no sympathy for sealers, whalers, dolphin killers and polar bear hunters or their guides. Jobs must never be a justification for slaughter and suffering, nor for the removal of a species from existence.

The polar bear is to the Arctic what the trees once were to Rapa Nui. When the trees disappeared so did the people of that island leaving only stone heads as evidence of their existence. Some day, in the not so distant future the same will be seen in the standing stones called the Inuksuit.

When the bear passes so will the people.

Copied and pasted from FB, so needs a bit of work on the formatting. I have no idea of how authentic this piece is. Thoughts?
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Totally agree that facilitating rich white hunters is not part of the principles of the environmental or wildlife protection movement, but there are problems - a lot of wildlife areas have multiple pressures and it can sometimes (not always) be useful to team up with those who run well managed hunting as a way to prevent other, much worse things from happening. I think Greenpeace got into their current situation by trying to follow smart, real world approaches like that, but they have made some mistakes. I wouldn't condemn them in the way that Watson has.

I should point out that there is contention that Watson was one of the founders of Greenpeace - this is denied by other founders.
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Muh animals rights.

Hunting is sometimes necessary for ecological reasons. Pretty simple. No evidence polar bears are being extirpated by over-hunting.

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