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So I was doing a past paper (Chemistry C1 2015) and one of the questions asked me to 'state the two main stages used to extract a sample of vegetable oi from seeds'. I couldn't quite remember both answers but i hazard a guess and ended up putting down crushing and distillation. When checking my answers (these where corewc) i wondered how the distillation mythod worked and went onto the Bitesie website where t sid 'These oils can be extracted. The plant material is crushed and pressed to squeeze the oil out. Olive oil is obtained this way. Sometimes the oil is more difficult to extract and has to be dissolved in a solvent. Once the oil is dissolved, the solvent is removed by distillation, and impurities such as water are also removed, to leave pure vegetable oil. Sunflower oil is obtained in this way.' Does this mean that the oil is placed in a solvent,or the nut is placed in the solvent and the oil leaches out? Either way can somebody please explain these to me in more communicative terms please?

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