Exams are massively affecting my mental state

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Please don't judge me for any of this but I am known as being a revision freak, I always have been. Even for poxy mocks which I look back and wonder why I stressed myself out so much, I always stressed. I've always been quite a stressful person but GCSE's are killing me.

I know every says they're not hard and every does them and stuff, but it's at the point where I haven't left my house pretty much all weekend for the past 3/4 months as I'm studying all day, and when I'm not, I'm freaking out over the fact everyone else is studying and I'm not. The whole concept of people studying and I'm not scares me so much, even if it's to walk my dog for 10 minutes in the evening after revising all day.

The thing is, I am prepared. I have been revising for months and have all the resources and have done all the revision, but I'm scared I'll forget it all and stuff.

But it's got to the point where I'm screaming and arguing with my mum in floods of tears constantly all because I'm too scared to leave the house and I don't know what to do. It sounds so drastic but I'm constantly crying or thinking about exams or panicking about failure. Today I revised for 10 hours and my parents wanted to go out with me and I cried hysterically making up excuses even though I had already finished revising. I don't understand why I did that and I then got upset that they went without me and that I let exams get in the way and I don't know what's wrong with me.

I'm predicated mostly A's and A*'s and have a place at a grammar school for sixth form, providing I get the grades. However, I got twice as many A's as I need to get into sixth form for my mocks and I'm just so petrified and I can't control it.

I know this sounds so drastic but I can't control it anymore and it's starting to become obsessive that I can't leave the house. So much so that all I do is argue with my parents, sister, boyfriend and friends because I put revision before them and I can't help it because the guilt is so overwhelming if I don't as I'm so scared I'll fail.

If anyone has any advice then that would be massively appreciated

Please don't judge hah
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You arent controlling the other factors which will deliver you to the exam room in peak state.

Rest and relaxation. You shouk be taking a break every 30-60 mins imo and just chilling out. Stress is good, but too much and it cna overwhelm.
Well done for doing so mucb revision but going to burnout is not smart.

Imo you sound ready, so just keep it ticking over by doing some exam papers everyday. You are going to be in front of most people, so patience and top up revision is fine.
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i think whatd help you most is trying to acknowledge that relaxing, getting rest, and allowing yourself time out will help you get your grades. your obsessive revising is only a result of your want to get good grades - if you can talk your brain into thinking relaxation is an integral part to performing the best you can (which it is!) i reckon youll be better off.

you sound super smart and super well prepared - it would be a shame if you didnt do the best you could due to the stress youre feeling. please try your hardest to take some time out - i do know its hard, but it really is whats best for you.

i believe in you op! hang on in there.

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