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    it's long but please read:

    I'm just coming to the end of my school life and A2 exams, and for the past 2 years, my mental health has been on a steady decline. I've suspected that something serious was up for months but in the past few weeks it's just plummeting. I feel like I'm living in a nightmare. I feel hollow and like I've completely lost grip on myself and my life. I used to be popular and high achieving and I've now just fallen into nothing. I've stopped going to school properly, I've stopped caring about work or my friends. I've given up all hope on my future.

    I feel horrendously embarrassed, like I'm faking it. I'm not supposed to be like this. Everyone and everything in my life, objectively, is so great. Teachers used to love me. But now I haven't been to English ("favourite subject" in about 3 weeks and today I did and had to rush out for an "appointment" with a panic attack. My family are getting calls every day about my dwindling attendance. They are disappointed and confused.

    I'm going to the GP next week. I haven't had a period since Jan (probs because I've lost about 6kg in the last month) so I'm going to talk about that, but I'm going to try super hard to bring up my mental health without falling into a hole of shame and chickening out.

    My question is: if I get a diagnosis, should I tell my teachers?? I don't want to be the one who just expects special treatment for never doing anything and I really don't want people to look at me differently (although I'm pretty sure people are confused about what is going on). But I'm so alone with all of this and I just need someone to understand. How would I tell a teacher? I'm so sad- I love English. I love my teachers and I want them to know I'm not trying to be lazy and a **** student and I want to apologise in advance for my crappy grades.

    What a spectacular end to my 14 years of school education !!!!
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    Peer Support Volunteers

    If you need any support, you can PM me. I sat my A2 exams last year when my mental health was plummeting. I told my school about my diagnosis and it was a godsend. They gave me so much support and without it I wouldn't have been able to sit my exams.



    I was in a very similar situation to your around a year ago with my AS-levels. i told my college and teachers about my diagnosis and they couldn't have been any more helpful. they wanted to do everything they could to ensure my welfare and to make college and exams as least stressful as possible.

    On another note, if you are worried about telling your GP or teachers, you could write a letter and give it to them as i find this is way easier than speaking to them. it takes the pressure off you slightly as what you want to say is all written down and you don't have to talk. For them to be able to help you in the best way you need to be as open and as honest as you can. i know it seems scary, but it will be worth it.

    Your teachers and GP have to keep what you tell them confidential unless you give them permission to tell someone else or you tell them that you are a danger to yourself or others in which case they have to tell someone to protect you. Your teachers also have a duty of care to provide the support necessary for you to enable you to access a 'full curriculum'

    if you need anything you can always PM me and good luck
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