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    Hi for question 5 of this exam paper, please can someone explain it? The table shows that the fruit pod has the most radioactivity other than the treated leaf. So surely, the fruit pod would be the sink? However, the mark scheme just says that the sink is 'sink fruit / shoot tip or root'. Why would the sink be the root when the radioactivity is so low in the root?

    2) Is there more than 1 sink in a plant because I only realise that there are more than 1 sink and 1 source in a plant. Is that right?

    3) Also for 5 ii) the answer is that the fruit pod is the storage and the shoot tip is the region of growth? Why is that?

    4) How do you determine which part of the plant is the sink? I understand that the sink is the area of growth but why would it be the shoot tip in this question but root in other questions?

    5) When sucrose is used for growth, does the radioactivity decrease? Is this why the radioactivity is so low in the root? What does the result actually suggest? https://learning.watfordboys.org/plu...orcedownload=1

    Many thanks.

    I will definitely give reps for helping!

    It might not be a sink because the fruit is where the main storage happens therefore it doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be a sink, it could be a source as well. A definition of a source cell could be a cell with high concentration of sugar and since fruits do store sugar there would be a high radioactivity. I hope this helps but I am not really sure X
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