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    Hello everyone, exams are shortly here and I'm in need of a little help for the part B's. I can never seem to score higher than a 6/10.

    Here's a question I did:
    B) To what extent can evil be said to be simply a test? [10]
    It can be agreed that evil is necessary when involving free will, this is because good choices or moral actions based on free will are better than ready-made goodness. Therefore if we are being judged on our moral actions, it has to be made on our own desire to do so, otherwise our actions are arbitrary and meaningless. As evident in the Bible, Job's faith in God was put to the test via all the evil that occurred to him and he was heavily rewarded for staying faithful and our reward for the suffering we may experience in life is the promise of eternal life in Heaven which is important because we had to be given the choice to believe in God to receive this reward.

    Whereas, it's hard to believe that an all-loving God would allow us to suffer regardless and would suggest that He does not exist, or according to Mill, no what we make him out to be. To include, it's absurd to believe that the likes of the Holocaust can be justified as 'soul-making.' Such excessive suffering still seems pointless and counterfeits the belief that God is loving at all.

    To conclude, I believe that the death of a loved one is suffering enough for any individual so the likes of senseless murder is unacceptable for an all-loving God to allow. And therefore, I do not believe that excessive evil can be justified as a test of faith or soul-making.
    I got 6/10 (C) and the following feedback:
    "Some relevant points, but a little to simplistic with Philosopher's ideas not analysed in depth."
    "Structure is good, and showing improvement"
    "You must explain Hick's idea of Soul-Making in much more detail and relate it to Ireneaus' Theodicy. ---> Image to Likeness"
    "Epistemic Distance? ---> Essential to be separated from God to allow Free-Will"
    "Good relevence to Job, but remember the message was to simply accept that God has a plan that we can't understand. ---> A test of faith"

    I'm not too sure whether my teacher is just marking me harshly to make sure that I make an attempt to improve so if the real examiner marked that part B, the lowest I would be getting would be a 6 with the possibility of a mark higher. (In my media GCSE I was told that my course work was a C, and then when it got sent of for moderation, it came back with a very high A. I now have trust issues)
    What do you guys think? Any tips and help would be greatly appreciated!
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