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Hey, so I need to submit my proposal by the end of the month, and I'm still stuck with narrowing it down to a more specific idea. I was thinking of doing something to do with the aristocracy's attitude towards the First or Second World Wars but need a clearer idea. I don't mind which war as I find both very interesting. Obviously it has to be something with lots of primary resources and while I would prefer to do it on the German aristocracy, I can't read German. Could anyone help me with a few ideas?
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This is a good place to start - at least you have some ideas! Just remember that this is an undergrad dissertation - not a PhD thesis. Many undergrads take on a topic so massive that they would need 3 years to research and answer it. At undergrad level you dont have to discover anything 'new', just show that you can answer an undemanding research question and work on your own etc.

You need to narrow any idea down so that it is entirely answerable within your word limit. I think one clue is in your mention of 'primary sources'. Could you for instance look at the way WW1 casualty figures were reported in elite newspapers? The terminology used in obituaries/death notices reporting the deaths of Britain's aristocracy? Who did this impact on support for the war at home? These newspapers (and heaps of regional papers which would make an interesting contrast) are all online at http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/ (with a good search facility). You could make brief references to the impact that this had on the future of the aristocracy in Britain (ie. the death of eldest sons who then didnt inherit etc) without getting yourself into questions/arguments that you havnt got space to answer. You have already spotted the problem with taking Germany as a subject - you don't read German - so I think you can forget that one, however interesting it sounds, yo have to be practical!

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