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    Im sorry if ibe not posted this in the right area, not reallu sure which topic this comes under.
    I play a very large imstrument and i have to store it in one very large room in the music department at my college, there is a male teacher who teaches in there on the day that i have to get my instrument for my lesson.
    At the start of the year we started talking, it seemed friendly. Then over the past month amd a bit he'sstarted to be a bit weird....he first told me i looked stunning and beautiful...which i thought he was just being kind at. Then he put his arm around me one day. The next week he touched my hand. And jt carried on like that. Until today when he asked if it would be 'cheeky to exchange mobile numbers' for the summer holidays because its a long time he won't see me.
    I said we would deal with that later because i didnt know what to say to him.
    I went back into my class in a bit of a state and told my friemd what had happened, he immediatley took me to someone to report what had happened.
    Bear in mind the guy in question does not teach me, hes just someone that i speak to when i have my lesson, he is around 60.
    I feel uneasy around him.
    Have i done the right thing by reporting this? Im worried that ive over reacted and tgis guy is going to get into some serious trouble for this.

    Over reacted? Please, he is like 60. The f- is he planning to do with a teenager over the summer holidays? Disgusting. Of course you've done the right thing.
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    What he did really isn't appropriate.

    Seems very strange to ask for a students number. We did used to have a tutor's number. But that was for just in case we weren't in, or we were having problems with coursework or similar.
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    The fact he said cheeky would sned alarm bells in that he knew he was on dodgy ground. he doesnt seem to have done things massively out of order, but he has been inappropriate and he has made you feel uncomfortable. You did the right thing and he should be warned off. Better now than let things get out of hand.

    You did the right thing, don't feel that you didn't honestly. It was completely inappropriate and it's horrible you were put in such an awkward position. But seriously, you did the right thing.
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