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    Hi. I was wondering if anyone could give me more information about the psychology course at Aberdeen and the university and city in general. Would you recommend the city as a place to live? What are the best and worst things about the university? And what aspects of psychology does the course focus on?

    Hiya, I am currently a psychology first-year student at the University of Aberdeen. I am originally from Germany and just came here for the university.

    The university itself is absolutely great, especially with psychology. In the first year you focus on three aspects of psychology: cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and biological psychology. You learn about different psychologists, the history of psychology, psychological theories, the anatomy of the brain, you learn about synapses, developmental stages, and even language. In addition to the lectures you need to attend different workshops, tutorials and practicals, where you do exercises to strengthen the material covered in lectures, and you also prepare group debates, which are a lot of fun. The professors here are very open and you can send them an e-mail any time and they will respond typically within a few hours, latest by the next day.

    The university is a little like Hogwarts, at least the old parts. If you'll be studying psychology, all your classes will be on the same campus, so you won't have to walk for more then 5 minutes to get from one class to the next. Also, the AUSA (student association) is pretty active - sometimes you'll go to campus and they will hand out free coffee or free porridge.

    The city of Aberdeen isn't very big and people tell you to not go below the river, because it's apparently very poor there and the crime rates are a lot higher. In central Aberdeen however, so near the university or Union Street, it is very safe. The police are often walking around town and there are helplines you can just call and talk to when you're walking home alone for example. This sounded scary to me at first, but that's just why the city is so safe. The only place where you shouldn't go to after dark is Seaton Park, because there are no lights and it can be pretty scary and dangerous. But I have not yet heard of anyone who has been mugged or anything, so it really is pretty safe. Because Aberdeen isn't very big, there are a lot of tiny stores and shops, which is really cute, but there are also bigger stores like Primark or H&M, so it's the best of both worlds. Most of the city, especially the old part, has cobblestone streets, which I find incredibly beautiful. It is very cosy
    If you're a party person, Aberdeen might not be the place for you though. There are a lot of pubs and people tend to go out every other night, and there are a lot of clubs as well, however they aren't the best - the music tends to be strange and the drinks are expensive, but if you go out with your friends, you can still have a good time. Also, there are a lot of student parties all over town every night, so if you want to go out, you'll find a place.
    I personally really enjoy living here, it is a lot of fun and the city is incredibly pretty with all the old buildings around. It is also easy to get around, because there are busses leaving about every 5 minutes from the university campus to Union Street and you can also walk everywhere. The one thing I really hate about Aberdeen is the connection to other countries. This might not apply to you (I don't know where you are from), but for me it is a big problem to fly back home to Germany, because I have the choice between flying from Aberdeen and stopping in Amsterdam, London, or Brussels; or flying from Edinburgh without a stop, but having to take a train to Edinburgh and another bus to the airport - with a suitcase. So this really annoys me and also stresses me out because I am afraid of flying, but as I said, it might not apply to you.

    I would say the best thing about the university for me is the personal support you can get (if you ask for it). The professors are very helpful and encourage you to send them e-mails or meet them to ask questions, and there are tutors you can talk to if you have problems with your course, or even if you are homesick. Someone will always be there to help you or listen to you. That's also what I like about Aberdeen - the people here in general are very helpful and happy to help, no matter whether you ask the bus driver or a random person on the streets.
    Another thing I really appreciate is that the university is very organized. Also, for the first two years you can select your main degree (single or joint honors) and then select a lot of different courses to reach your mandatory 120 credits per year. I am studying psychology as my main degree, but I decided to have anthropology and sociology as electives. You can choose between a wide variety of things and you can change your courses during the first week of each semester. This way, you really broaden your horizon. I would recommend that for the first semester of the first year you should choose to do a psychology joint honors, so with one other subject and then a third single subject on the side. This way, if you find that psychology doesn't suit you, you can change your program to the a single honors of the other subject you chose after the christmas break - just to give you some sort of security.

    I really hope this helped you or helps anyone else who is interested in applying to the University of Aberdeen
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