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King's clearing, good or bad?

I sat an exam today and am certain that I will fail to meet one of my grade requirements for the Film Studies BA. I need ABB, I'm going to get ABC.

I have a general idea about how King's clearing works - depends on how many people failed, and then who, if anyone, comes in through clearing is decided by another department of the Uni, not the subject department - yet all I can think is that it works against me.

I actually emailed my would be subject tutor and explained this same situation a few months ago. She said nothing was guaranteed if you fail, and the main issue was that that failing applicants would have to go through another department. Film isn't over subscribed, so I can see a glimmer of hope left yet. But King's clearing isn't made easy.

So I’m just wondering, does anyone have any good experiences with clearing with Kings? Or just ANY experience good or bad?
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I got into maths of kings with ABC (req AAB), I would be surprised if they wouldnt let you in with BCC!
Waterfront bar, King's College
King's College London
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ABC...u must be joking

Wicked...even if i dont get my pass in AS FM...then theyll surely let me inw ith AAB
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So what courses are over and under subscribed?
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law, history, war studies, management (I heard), classics, philosophy etc.... in effect KCL's re-owned subjects.
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law, history, war studies, management (I heard), classics, philosophy etc.... in effect KCL's re-owned subjects.

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No offence Geography at KCL is good, but it isin't really what KCL is re-owned for. I mean I think they only ask for BBB for entry standards and the department isin't as good as the War studies or history department which is extremely competitive arguably one of the best in the country. Although I heard the department in the Strand Campus had some major refurbishment which should be good.

Biomedical sciences....... gotta be careful here my dad studied this course over 20 years ago. But like what my dad said KCL is the best for humanities and war studies in the UoL.
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Thanks for the help.

I should stress that all my knowledge of clearing at Kings came from the film tutor I had contacted. I doubt she was going to tell me that I'd get in with ABC.
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You mean renowned?
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oopps... yeah you are right this is what a gap year does to your spelling!
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I know I'm being slow, but is this an unspoken rule for Kings then? The less competitive the course, the more likely you are to get in even if you've missed the grades?

Are there any more people who have had experiences with Kings clearing?

I'm in a similar position, ABC when I need ABB, so I'm trying to figure whether or not all hope is lost.
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To say that simply because a course is less competitive makes it more likely that you'll get in is incorrect. Many Universities can afford to cover the losses of not filling the places. Being one of the top institutions in the country and the World, KCL has a very large funding and hence would prefer taking some of the better students rather than simply letting 'anyone' in.