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    Hi all

    I in a bit of a tricky situation at work at the moment and would really appreciate some advice.

    I started a role 8 months ago. There are four of us in the same role across the company.
    I am the youngest and least experienced. However I was interviewed and chosen for this role and passed my probation ect.
    It has been very slow in terms of my development. I am being given admin work by the senior lawyer on our team when I should be doing a lot more.
    In the last couple of weeks I have raised this query of why I am not being given the work I should be being given (the other three were given this work no problem). I have not received Criticism of my work from this lawyer apart from the occasional typo.
    Our manager has also not criticised my work for many months.
    I am not being given a reason why I am not allowed to develop as the others are. I'm not doing the job I applied for and as a result the senior lawyer in my team is doing my job as well as their own.

    The last couple of months I have asked to be more involved with the legal side. A couple of things we're given to me and then that stopped. (Even though I was complimented on how I did these things really well).

    Other people in my role have received some training for example advocacy practise and teaching on cross examination.

    I asked if this would be possible as I would like to start doing hearings (which is in my job description).

    The lawyer said she would train me.

    Nothing has been forthcoming and lots of admin work continued. She said to me yesterday can you paginate a bundle and can you...... Oh no I'll do the redactions. As if she won't even trust me to do redactions.

    I chased her about it yesterday. Copying in our manager. She pulled me aside and told me her concerns with training me:
    1) if it goes wrong she will be responsible for my mistakes
    2) she is not happy with being asked to manage someone she did not select or interview.
    3) she has her code of conduct to think of (she is uncomfortable with being legally responsible for me).

    - she was trying to ask me to support her in raising these concerns to our manager! I said I don't want to be involved in that I said I'm asking for training on a role I am supposed to be doing and to develop, that's not to much to ask for. If you have a problem with the management side of things that's between you and our boss. Nothing to do with me. She then stopped and said she would speak to her alone.

    She keeps repeating how she loves to teach people. I know for two previous people who had my role she trained them to an extent very early on. They were boys much older than me. She says she doesn't like women. And the fact that I am so young in this role does not sit well with her. From week 1 she has been asking me when I'm going to be working next ect. Last week she asked me if i was applying for other jobs!!

    It seems to me she is going to extreme lengths to get out of training me.

    Plus when other teams have been busy I have been tasked with some of their legal tasks and done fine!!

    Seems like she is trying to keep me down?

    Many people in the office have asked me why I'm not doing hearing yet ect.

    Up until recently I believed it was because I musn't be good enough but I've seen them and they are not that hard. I've also done lots of the preparation involved for other teams. Other people with a similar background to me with little advocacy experience were trained to do hearings between 2-5 months on the job.

    If I could progress it would help this senior lawyers workload. She is happy to do more work jut to keep me down?

    I don't know what to do. Can I insist on this training?

    Our manager is partially involved for letting this go on like this. Up until recently I have been quite submissive and this senior lawyer is very dominant.

    Does anyone know how I should approach this?

    Many thanks for reading!
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    (Original post by HoneyBee67)
    Have you got any opportunity to discuss your development coming up (review meeting/appraisal etc)?

    The best way to deal with it is to try and reason with the person who should be giving you this work.

    If you feel this isn't feasible, how about trying to get this type of work from other people?

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